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New PACs Try To Elect State Election Officials

Publication Date: 
February 19, 2014
USA Today
Martha T. Moore

Professor Nathaniel Persily explains the importance of Secretary of State elections to partisan Super-PACs for USA Today. 

The banner ad that popped up online last month from an organization called iVote used a line as innocuous as a civic textbook: "Because every vote should count."

In fact, the ad, and the Democratic group that sponsored it, iVote, are part of a highly partisan and increasingly expensive battle over an elected position most voters are barely aware of.


"This is an example of the parties trying to cover themselves in every respect whether it makes a difference or not,'' says Nate Persily, a Stanford Law School professor. "They are spending money because they're spending money on everything, and secretary of State races are just emblematic of both the aggressiveness in the way parties are raising money, and their heartfelt belief they want to ward off any possible advantage the other party could get in an election dispute.''