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New Stanford Database Uncovers Unexpected IP Trends

Publication Date: 
December 10, 2008
The National Law Journal - Legal Pad

The National Law Journal's Legal Pad posted this about the Intellectual Property Litigation Clearinghouse:

Stanford Law School unveiled its Intellectual Property Litigation Clearinghouse Monday night. The clearinghouse is a searchable online database that tracks all patent cases since 2000 and offers hard statistics on trends, from how many suits have been filed to how plaintiffs fare in front of a particular judge. It's already being greeted enthusiastically by lawyers.

Furthermore, the clearinghouse has already spawned a number of research projects, including one on the most talked-about subjects in patent litigation: nonpracticing entities, derogatorily called "patent trolls," whose main business is suing for patent infringement.

The database is also revealing some surprising trends, from a rise in the number of defendants to which districts are friendlier to plaintiffs.