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New Study Suggests Veteran Advocates Sway Supreme Court

Publication Date: 
October 22, 2007
Legal Times
Tony Mauro

Lecturer in Law Thomas Goldstein is quoted and the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic is mentioned in this Legal Times story about which cases are put on the Supreme Court docket:

... Thomas Goldstein makes a similar point. "We advocates tend to think it's all about the lawyering. But the most important trend by far is the increasing conservatism and pro-business orientation of the justices themselves." All the highly polished pro-business petitions in the world, he adds, "wouldn't get anywhere on a Court with nine Bill Brennans," a reference to the late liberal lion, Justice William Brennan Jr. [Note: Goldstein is an occasional contributor to Legal Times.]


In its first year of existence, for example, Goldstein's Stanford Law School clinic worked on four petitions -- and all four were granted.