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Next Up For Nationalization: The Internet

Publication Date: 
November 13, 2008
National Review Online
Phil Kerpen

Professor Lawrence Lessig is quoted in a National Review article on net neutrality:

Following the nationalization of investment banks, Fannie and Freddie, consumer banks, and private insurance companies, taxpayers are likely asking: What’s left for the federal government to nationalize?

How about the Internet?

Network neutrality, or net neutrality, is the beneficent-sounding name for sweeping new government regulatory power that would prohibit Internet service providers from innovating in their own networks. This could lead to much less broadband investment by private companies, and could potentially force government subsidization, control, and outright nationalization of the Internet. The implications of this are chilling.


... Larry Lessig of Stanford, a leading proponent of net neutrality, says openly that it will lead to less private investment in the Internet and therefore will require the government to step in with the investment of tax dollars. Lessig’s rationale is that “Broadband is infrastructure — like highways, if not railroads.”