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Obama: Has Change Come? By David Gill

Publication Date: 
April 23, 2009
The Stanford Daily
David Gill

Professor William B. Gould IV is quoted in the Stanford Daily in an article about President Obama's performance in office so far:

Law Prof. Bill Gould, who was on the campaign’s team of advisers, said he feels inspired by Obama’s taking on so many issues at the same time, although he worries that he may not be politically able to fight all of these battles at once.

Gould added that while he is also troubled with the approach that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Economic Adviser Larry Summers are taking with the economic crisis, he finds that Obama has “moved effectively to listen to what other people are saying as well, and to public reaction.”


Gould said he would not be surprised if fervent Obama supporters do not show the same enthusiasm next time, assuming he continues acting the way he has so far.