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Obama supports US Latinos: "We're all in this together"

Publication Date: 
May 09, 2009
Monsters and Critics
Silvia Ayuso

Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar is quoted in Monsters and Critics in a feature article about President Obama's support for US Latinos:

The presence of US President Barack Obama caused a stir Friday among members of the Hispanic community who had gathered in Washington to discuss the ongoing flu epidemic and how it is affecting immigrants.

Although he barely said 'hello' and 'thank you' in Spanish, Obama reaped applause, laughs, and even a 'Viva Obama!' from an audience of around 100 at a townhall-style gathering at the White House. Top Latinos in the US government were also in attendance.


Tino Cuellar, Obama's special advisor for justice and regulatory policy, went even further, telling Hispanics that the White House was saying 'no to discrimination.'

"It is very important to remember that at this moment, despite the priority that we have to give to public health, it is also important to remember that civil rights do not stop, they move forward," Cuellar said.

"The truth that all the American public has to understand is that this virus respects no borders, respects no ethnic or racial lines, which means that it is not a Mexican-American, Latino, Asian or African-American virus. It is a challenge that we all have to face together."

Cuellar said that people should not fall into 'traps' and urged people encountering any instances of illegal discrimination to complaints with public agencies.