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Obama Swiftly Lays Bush Era To Rest

Publication Date: 
January 25, 2009
San Francisco Chronicle
Matthew B. Stannard

Lecturer in Law and Co-director of the Stanford Program in International Law and the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation Allen S. Weiner is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle in a story about how President Obama's first series of orders contrast the policies of the Bush Administration. The San Francisco Chronicle writes:

President Obama's first week in office was short - just four weekdays long, and one of them was lost to the pomp and circumstance of Inauguration Day.

But in the brief time he's been in the White House, analysts say, Obama has issued a series of orders, statements and speeches that convey a single message to America and the world: The Bush administration is over.

"I think this is a return to the status quo ante," or the way things were before, said Stanford law school lecturer Allen Weiner. "It's a do-over."


Obama's message to the world was clear, said Weiner, co-director of the Stanford Program in International Law.

"The president has essentially renounced the (previous) president's approach to the so-called war on terror," he said. "The idea that we will use extraordinary wartime authorities and claim the powers that are available to the president only in times of war in a far-reaching manner that has never been claimed by the United States government has been renounced."