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Obama's Next Supreme Court Nominee: 5 Frontrunners

Publication Date: 
April 06, 2010
The Week

Professor Pamela Karlan is mentioned in The Week's shortlist of potential nominees for the next seat on the U.S. Supreme Court bench:

Best Opinion: Bloomberg, Huff. Po., Salon, Slate, Wash. Post...

News that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is likely to retire soon, perhaps as early as this summer, has commentators speculating about who the President might choose to replace him. Although Stevens was nominated by Gerald Ford, he moved leftwards during his 35 years on the court to become the de facto head of its liberal wing. So who might Obama name as Stevens' replacement? A look at five of the leading contenders:


Pamela Karlan

Who? Professor of law at Stanford Law School
Why she's a favorite: A pro-choice liberal, Karlan could "move the court's center significantly leftward," says Dylan Matthews in the Washington Post, if Obama decides to make his mark on the court.
What the GOP will say: That "decidely liberal disposition would likely generate stiff opposition in the Senate," says Huff Po. Karlan is also openly gay, which could "provide an extra hurdle" to jump, says Ashby Jones in the Wall Street Journal.