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Online 'Do Not Track' Bill Introduced In California Senate

Publication Date: 
April 06, 2011
Los Angeles Times
Marc Lifsher and Jessica Guynn

Ryan Calo, Director of the Consumer Privacy Project, is quoted in the Los Angeles Times on how the Do-Not-Track law is a great starting point in helping consumers understand the various ways they are being tracked online.

California is putting itself in position to lead the fight for increased online privacy by trying to pass the country's first so-called do-not-track law to keep personal data from being grabbed off the Internet.

Legislation by state Sen. Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) would create a mechanism to allow users of smartphones, tablets, computers and any other device that accesses the Internet to tell website operators they don't want their online habits monitored.


"Do-not-track has been a wonderful lever and a great conversation starter," said Ryan Calo, director of the Consumer Privacy Project at Stanford Law School.

"It grows out of the recognition that the current state of affairs can't stay," he said. "Consumers either don't know they are being tracked or understand they are but don't know what to do about it."