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Outrage Mounts Over Bush's Waterboarding "Confession"

Publication Date: 
November 11, 2010
Inter Press Service
William Fisher

Lecturer Joe (Chip) Pitts III is quoted in the following article about issues of torture and war crimes during the Bush Administration. William Fisher of the Inter Press Service filed the following story:

After a three-year investigation, President Barack Obama's mantra – "look forward and not backwards" – appears to have trumped the rule of law as a special prosecutor declined to pursue criminal charges against the Central Intelligence Agency operatives involved in the destruction of video recordings of interrogations of "war on terror" suspects.

The human rights community and many legal scholars from both ends of the political spectrum are up in arms about the decision. And they were further angered by the remarks made by former president George W. Bush during recent television and radio interviews promoting his new memoir, "Decision Points".


Chip Pitts, a Lecturer in Law at Stanford University Law School, is focused on what he calls the "complicity" between the Bush and Obama administrations.

"The crisis of accountability in America is starkly highlighted by the former president's public confession of recourse to torture and war crimes," he told IPS. "But that should not detract attention from the complicity of the current administration, which has resorted to secrecy and backroom deals that blatantly ignore laws - like the Convention Against Torture, in this case - and the administration's duty to 'faithfully execute the laws'."