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People Who Liked This Candidate Also Liked …

Publication Date: 
May 11, 2011
David Weigel

Dean Larry Kramer's book "The People Themselves" is mentioned as one of the many books on Amazon reviewed by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in this Slate article by David Weigel.

Eleven years ago, no one thought that Newt Gingrich could run for president. He was a spent force. He'd resigned as speaker of the House, then gotten divorced, then married his mistress, who was 23 years his junior. Political career: over. Retirement: accomplished.

Gingrich found a hobby. Once a week, more or less, he would log onto Amazon and upload a review of a book he'd just put down. "He does not review all of the books he reads," warned his staff-written reviewer bio—the only part of his Amazon personality that isn't written by him. "You will not find any bad reviews here, just the books he thinks you might enjoy."


Whenever he encountered a history that lent strength to his theories about the tort law threat, he gushed. Norman Cantor's history of the bubonic plague revealed something: "The upper class in the middle ages spent an enormous amount of energy contracting, suing and maneuvering in the legal system." Larry Kramer's The People Themselves, published in 2004, would "change history," Gingrich writes, with everything it revealed about the abuses of the law.