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Planners Discuss Role of Science and Socioeconomics in California MPA-Planning Process

Publication Date: 
June 01, 2007
MPA News
John B. Davis

MPA News interviewed Senior Lecturer in Law Meg Caldwell about the initiative to create a network of marine-protected areas off the coast of California:

Caldwell: The assertion that we “need to decide” between approaches poses a false choice. The MLPA mandates the redesign of California’s system of marine protected areas to increase its coherence and effectiveness. Keep in mind, MLPA is just one of many laws in California that address ocean resource management; it was not intended to resolve every problem relating to the state’s marine resources. Rather, it was intended to work in tandem with the Marine Life Management Act, the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, the California Coastal Act, etc. to improve the condition of the state’s coastal waters and resources. Both ecosystembased management and fisheries management have roles in moving the state toward sustainable fisheries and healthy marine and coastal ecosystems.