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Political, Economic Realities Create Climate For Labor Law Overhaul, Attorneys Agree

Publication Date: 
January 06, 2009
Daily Labor Report

Professor William B. Gould IV is quoted in the Daily Labor Report in an article about labor reform:

Political and economic realities support the prospects for the enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act in some form this year, union and management attorneys agreed Jan. 4 at the Labor and Employment Relations Association's annual meeting.


William Gould, former NLRB chairman, suggested that the NLRB itself needs reforming.

"Obviously the system is badly broken. The problem since the early 60s has been that justice delayed is justice denied," Gould said.

The NLRB has no timelines to release rulings, Gould said, noting that he could not get board members to impose timelines when he was chairman in the 1990s. "There is no earthly reason why the board shouldn't have timelines to produce decisions," he said.

Gould also suggested setting longer terms of office for NLRB members and barring reappointment so board members do not engage in politicking to keep their jobs.

"We have much to do. EFCA is a good step in the right direction, an imperfect step," Gould said.