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Portrait Of The Old Man As A Copyright Miser

Publication Date: 
June 05, 2007
Los Angeles Times
Tim Cavanaugh

The "Los Angeles Times" wrote a story about the awarding of attorneys' fees to Stanford English Professor Carol Loeb Shloss in the settlement of the lawsuit against the James Joyce estate. Schloss was represented by Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project in the suit.

"Shloss' suit, which was launched by the Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project and argued by intellectual property expert Lawrence Lessig, charged the Joyce estate, (consisting of Stephen James Joyce, the author's grandson and sole living heir, and Sean Sweeney, a trustee), with unreasonably preventing Shloss from making fair use of the author's published works or quoting from Joyce family letters for her biography Lucia Joyce: To Dance In the Wake. It also charged the estate with a variety of copyright "misuses"—trying to prevent Shloss from using materials (such as medical records) whose copyright the estate did not own, intimidating the owners of the physical papers on which its copyrighted material is written and repeatedly refusing reasonable fair-use requests from others. It also took some steps to chip away at the presumed copyright on some of Joyce's published works."