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Privacy Lawyers Process Megaupload Copyright Case

Publication Date: 
January 21, 2012
National Public Radio - Weekend Edition
Carrie Johnson

Visiting Professor of Law Jonathan Zittrain was quoted by Carrie Johnson on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition. The segment in which Zittrain was interviewed covered the Megaupload copyright case.

The Justice Department's massive copyright case against the file-sharing website had the Internet world hopping this week. But it also got lawyers talking, about the scope of a criminal investigation that spanned eight countries and the hard-nosed tactics that the government deployed.

Prosecutors and FBI agents who built the case against Megaupload call it an international crime ring — a racketeering enterprise, like the mob or a drug gang, that made $175 million from pirated movies and music since 2005 and cost copyright holders nearly half a billion dollars more.


Jonathan Zittrain teaches law and computer science at Harvard University.

JONATHAN ZITTRAIN: The employees of this company themselves says theindictment are talking about, you know, gee, aren't we pirating? Isn't thisgoing well? And, hey, I'm looking for a copy of a movie myself; does anyone know where it is?