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Privacy, When Your Shoes Track Every Step

Publication Date: 
September 08, 2013
The New York Times - Room for Debate

Aleecia McDonald, privacy researcher and Director of Privacy at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, contributed to The New York Times' "Room for Debate" with a piece about the positive and negative changes that a data-driven future can provide.

A camera that lets you check on your sleeping baby? Very cool. A camera that lets hackers broadcast live video of your sleeping baby? Less cool.

Businesses, regulators and consumers are just beginning to see the potential of the Internet of Things, in which more and more objects become networked — not only cameras, but also dishwashers, running shoes, parking spaces … you name it. At the same time, privacy advocates are raising alarms.

What are some of the most exciting possibilities for Internet-connected objects, and how can we minimize the risks that come with them?


Better Engineering, and Better Laws, by Aleecia M. McDonald, Center for Internet and Society