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Professor Gives His "Last Free Culture Speech"

Publication Date: 
February 01, 2008
Daily Journal
Craig Anderson

The Daily Journal reports that Professor Lawrence Lessig has delivered his last speech on "Free Culture":

Lawrence Lessig, one of the nation's leading copyright experts, gave what was billed as his "Last Free Culture Speech" on Thursday, before he embarks on a new academic study of researching and combating corruption.

Lessig, a Stanford Law School professor, addressed a packed house at Memorial Auditorium and expressed optimism about the future of "free culture" in a lecture sprinkled liberally with YouTube videos that demonstrate the "remix creativity" of the nation's youth.

His move to constitutional law is "a recognition of the success of this movement," Lessig said. "There was really a grassroots movement that has achieved something."

"That's why I had to leave," the professor said. "I need another impossible task to take on."


Lessig will remain involved in copyright issues as founding director of Stanford's Center for Internet & Society and as the leader of the Creative Commons foundation, an organization whose goal is to increase the amount of creative work that can be shared.