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Prop 8 Protest Held In San Jose

Publication Date: 
May 27, 2009
ABC 7 News
Lisa Amin

Professor Jane Schacter is interviewed for an ABC 7 News segment about the California Supreme Court ruling affirming the constitutionality of Proposition 8:

"I would predict in some number of years Prop 8 is going to get reversed," said Stanford law Professor Jane Schacter. Professor Schacter is the author of Sexual Orientation and the Law. She says the best way to reverse Prop 8 now is through a state ballot measure.

"The other way for it to change, and I wouldn't look for this any time soon, would be if the U.S. Supreme Court ever decides as a matter of federal constitutional law that every state must respect same-sex marriage, There's no sign that's going to happen anytime soon," said Schacter.