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Prop. 8 Upheld By Supreme Court

Publication Date: 
May 27, 2009
The Stanford Daily
Marisa Landicho

Professor Jane Schacter is quoted in The Stanford Daily in and article about the reaction on the Stanford campus to the California Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8:

Waving rainbow flags and “No on Prop. 8” signs, over 100 students blocked the intersection of Campus Drive and Palm Drive for roughly 20 minutes during lunchtime yesterday. Rally-goers, some donning wedding veils, denounced the 6-1 verdict released by the California Supreme Court this morning, which upheld the ban on same-sex marriage as ratified in the November elections.


Law Prof. Jane Schacter told The Daily she was not surprised at the Court’s ruling.

“[The judges] telegraphed their intentions very clearly at the oral argument in March,” she said. “I think the decision was largely expected.”


“I think it’s going to create a very odd situation where you have 18,000 gay couples, where they are married, and others are domestic couples,” Schacter said. “I think what it ultimately is going to do is help smooth the way to change this outcome over the next couple years.”

She predicted that Prop. 8 would be undone at the ballot box within the next six years, saying it was “only a matter of time.”