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Prosecutor sought law firm job for nephew, documents show

Publication Date: 
June 08, 2011
Los Angeles Times
Jack Leonard

Professor Robert Weisberg spoke with Jack Leonard of the Los Angeles Times on whether the motives of a Los Angeles County prosecutor, who sought a job for her nephew from a firm representing possible witnesses in a conflict of interest case of hers, were very clear.

A Los Angeles County prosecutor sought a job last month for her nephew from a law firm representing potential witnesses in a conflict-of-interest case she was handling, an action that legal experts criticized.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Juliet Schmidt, a member of the district attorney's Public Integrity Division, sent an email to the firm offering to provide case law information "that might exonerate" its clients in a malpractice claim before mentioning that her nephew was graduating from Pepperdine Law School.


Robert Weisberg, a professor at Stanford University's law school, noted that Schmidt's motives were unclear from the email. But he said someone reading the email might conclude that she was offering valuable information to the law firm in exchange for a possible job for her nephew.

"It just strikes me as unbelievably foolish," he said.