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Radical Open Source Law Project Swings Through San Francisco

Publication Date: 
May 12, 2010
Wired To Share
Adriel Hampton

Librarian Erika Wayne is mentioned in this post on the open source Government 2.0 movement. Adriel Hampton of Wired to Share reports:

In a webinar about Gov 2.0 on Tuesday, publisher and conference convener Tim O'Reilly referred to Carl Malamud as the father of the Gov 2.0 movement. Wednesday, Malamud was in San Francisco at the Mitchell Kapor Foundation offices for the 10th in a series of 15 workshops he's hosting around the country for his current project,, which aims to create an authenticated bulk data feed for all primary legal materials in the U.S.

Malamud is not a lawyer, but he's met plenty - allies and adversaries - in his time as the nation's "rogue archivist." If you want open government, Malamud's your go-to guy. Intense and lightly sweating, at 9 a.m. he was decorating tables with postcards highlighting one of's foundational elements, a state-by-state national inventory of legal materials; after the event, he broke down the space himself. Soon he'll be in Chicago and DC before returning home to the Bay Area and wrapping up a project report. He exudes a revolutionary zeal and the steady confidence of a veteran of many open government and privacy skirmishes.


A recurring theme was the problem of authentication of legal materials online, and the implied authority of the two major vendors. Erika Wayne, a Stanford law librarian, asked if anyone had seen an "informational only" disclaimer - common on web legal materials - on a physical book.