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REMIX - Making Art And Commerce Thrive In The Hybrid Economy

Publication Date: 
August 01, 2008
Kirkus Reviews

Professor Lawrence Lessig's new book, Remix, is featured in Kirkus Reviews. The following is an excerpt from the review:

"Lessig calls for sweeping changes to the archaic and industry-favoring copyright code: shortening the protected time period; decriminalizing noncommercial copying and file-sharing; and allowing remix artists to copyright their finished work. Alternatively, he promotes a new type of license, available free from a group he helped found called Creative Commons, which helps artists easily give away or sell their work, especially digitally, with "some rights reserved." Finally he shows how Web practice has vastly outpaced the legal code, contending that corporate culture must adapt in order to take full advantage of this powerful new economic engine. Case in point: the teenage webmaster of a Harry Potter tribute website and chat room, who defended her site from an assault by Warner Bros. -- and convinced the film company's lawyer that her members were providing free marketing, not diluting the Potter brand."