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Riot at Chino's Men Prison Came Amid An Array Of Overcrowding And Deficiencies

Publication Date: 
August 16, 2009
Inside Bay Area
Will Bigham and Neil Nisperos

Professor Robert Weisberg, an expert in criminal justice, comments on overcrowding and violence in the prison system in relation to the Chino riots:

Last weekend's riot at the California Institution for Men was violent, destructive, and a grave danger to inmates and prison staff members.

It was also predictable.

In their most recent audit of the Chino facility, completed in November, state auditors noted numerous problems at the prison, including overcrowded conditions and crumbling infrastructure.


Putting violent prisoners in dormitory-style housing rather than more isolated units as found in the other reception centers poses a risk to low-security-level inmates and prison staff members, said Robert Weisberg, a criminal justice expert and law professor at Stanford University.

"It gives violent prisoners more potential victims," Weisberg said. "There's a great deal of crime in prison. There's a great deal of violence in prison."

The state auditors echoed Weisberg's remarks.