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Rivera Free From Prison

Publication Date: 
January 07, 2012
Chicago Tribune
Ruth Fuller, Andy Grimm and Lisa Black

A statement by Professor and Director of the Mills Legal Clinic, Larry Marshall, expressing gratitude for the release of his client Juan Rivera is used in this Chicago Tribune article by Ruth Fuller, Andy Grimm and Lisa Black.

Nearly 20 years after he was imprisoned, Juan Rivera walked out of Stateville Correctional Center and into a throng of jubilant family members Friday evening after he was exonerated in the murder of a Waukegan baby sitter.

His release came less than six hours after the Lake County's state's attorney announced he will not challenge an appellate court ruling that reversed Rivera's third conviction -- after three separate trials -- for the stabbing and sexual assault of 11-year-old Holly Staker in 1992.


Rivera's lead attorney, Stanford University law professor Lawrence Marshall, said in a statement that while his team "obviously (has) issues with Mr. Waller's office for pursuing the case for years" after DNA excluded Rivera, he expressed gratitude that Waller decided not to continue the fight.