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Roadmap To Justice Project Launches

Publication Date: 
October 17, 2008
Suffolk University News

A Suffolk University News item quotes Deborah L. Rhode about a justice project that is intended to make greater access to civil justice available to a majority of Americans:

"It is a shameful irony that the nation with the world’s highest concentration of lawyers still does so little to make law available to those who need it most, primarily low-income communities," said Professor Deborah Rhode, director of Stanford University’s Center on the Legal Profession and author of Access to Justice. "Bar studies consistently find that over four-fifths of the civil legal concerns of this group remain unmet. Even individuals who receive some representation often find that chronic resource shortages make adequate assistance a statistical impossibility."

Roadmap to Justice is a joint undertaking of Stanford University’s Center on the Legal Profession and the Sokolove Charitable Fund.