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Robots: The Law

Publication Date: 
October 05, 2010
M. Waibel

Ryan Calo is a senior research fellow at Stanford Law School who has specialized in robotics and the law. In his interview with the Robots podcast he discusses liability issues in robotics: Should manufacturers, users or even robots be responsible for robots and their actions? Why does current US liability legislation hinder the robotics industry to live up to its full potential? Is there a good model for changing it? And what could trigger such a change? The second half of the interview looks towards the (near and far) future: How do robots roaming our home and workplace affect our privacy? What happens to potentially sensitive material such as images and sounds stored in a robot's memory? And at what stage do robots qualify as intelligent agents and acquire legal rights of their own? For answers to these and more questions check out the Robots interview, or have a look at Ryan Calo's blog and Twitter feed.