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Samsung Ends Fight With Apple In Europe

Publication Date: 
December 18, 2012
Financial Times
Tim Bradshaw

Professor Mark Lemley spoke with The Financial Times' Tim Bradshaw about the recent patent wars and why "a move toward damages is a move towards greater rationality" in the fight. 

Samsung has said it will no longer seek an injunction against Apple's devices in Europe, as US and European authorities press the smartphone industry to rein in their patent disputes.

Before Tuesday's statement by Samsung, the European Commission had been preparing to challenge the South Korean company over what it sees as the group's reluctance to license its intellectual property to competitors, according to people familiar with the situation.


While the two cases are not directly related, legal and industry experts say they demonstrate the high hurdles smartphone companies face in their attempts to secure bans against rival products. "There is a common theme here of trusting more in damages and less in injunctions in cases that involve large, multi-component products," said Mark Lemley, professor at Stanford Law School. "A move toward damages is a move toward greater rationality."