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Sanity Check: 10 Tech Leaders Who Could Become Obama’s CTO

Publication Date: 
November 10, 2008
Tech Republic
Jason Hiner

According to Tech Republic, Professor Lawrence Lessig is thought to be one of the top ten candidates for Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the Obama administration:

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama used technology to organize, communicate, and raise funds in innovative ways that gave him an advantage over opponents in both the primaries and the general election. It’s clear that Obama views tech as a powerful catalyst, and with the U.S. facing an unprecedented array of economic challenges, Obama will need to use technology to drive efficiency and institutional transformation.


Lessig, a Stanford Law professor, is the founder of Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society and has been an outspoken commentator on U.S. technology policy. Although Lessig has a conservative background, he publicly endorsed Obama for president. At times, he has even been rumored as a candidate for numerous political offices himself. He would be an excellent tech policy wonk and a decent visionary, but he does not have a traditional tech background and that would likely hurt him in gaining the respect of the federal tech executives that he would have to lead.