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Saving the Coast

Publication Date: 
April 23, 2007
San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this editorial in support of 29 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) approved by The Fish & Game Commission. Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program Meg Caldwell is a member of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Blue Ribbon Task Force and has worked on this project with the State Resources Agency over the last three years.

The Chronicle's editorial said in part:

AFTER THE SKY comes the ocean. By dotting the state's central coast with 29 shoreline protection zones, California aims to revive its overfished coastal waters along with its earlier landmark bid to reduce greenhouse gases.

The ocean policy bars fishing and other activities along 250 miles of shoreline from Santa Barbara to Half Moon Bay. The marine preserves aim to revive depleted fish stocks, mainly rockfish, whose numbers have plummeted from heavy fishing. The sanctuaries, featuring reefs, steep underwater cliffs and sandy bottoms, will run from the surf line offshore three miles.

...For now, the message is clear. California values its coast. It's willing to take the steps needed to revive life in the ocean.