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Scholars Discuss Federal Tax Gap

Publication Date: 
November 10, 2008
The Stanford Daily
Thomas Yeh

The Stanford Daily quotes Professor Joseph Bankman in a story about a Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR) sponsored panel discussion regarding tax evasion:

Some scholars refer to it simply as cheating, but the official term for it is non-compliance, or tax evasion. The result is the federal tax gap - an estimated $345 billion lost annually in the difference between what individuals are supposed to owe in taxes and what they actually pay.

Last Saturday, Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR) sponsored “Closing the Tax Gap” to discuss the problem of tax evasion. Leading scholars, policymakers and practitioners convened in a number of panel discussions to talk extensively about the underlying issues of non-compliance.

In his opening remarks, Stanford Law Professor Joseph Bankman emphasized the importance of dialogue as key to developing a plan to combat non-compliance.

“We from academia can call on you to get perspective,” Bankman said to the panelists who represented government offices. “And that can get all of us started on a path toward solving this problem.”