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Schwarzenegger's Prison Reduction Plan Falls Short Of Court Order

Publication Date: 
September 19, 2009
San Jose Mercury News
Howard Mintz and Dennis Thierault

Lecturer Kara Dansky, executive director of Stanford University's Criminal Justice Center, is quoted in this LA Times article on California's prison reduction plan:

Facing a midnight deadline, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and top prison officials Friday released a plan that falls far short of a federal court order to relieve prison overcrowding.

A three-judge federal panel has called for California to decide how to slash more than 40,000 inmates from the rolls in the next two years. Instead, the governor's plan offers modest reductions while insisting on more time to wring further reforms from legislators afraid of being labeled soft on crime.


"If I read the state correctly," said Kara Dansky, director of Stanford University's Criminal Justice Center, "that's the state's next step."