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Sen. Barbara Boxer At Water Symposium: 'Water Wars Have Got To End'

Publication Date: 
March 20, 2014
The Desert Sun
Ian James

Professor Barton "Buzz" Thompson is cited in The Desert Sun for remarks he made at a recent CA water symposium about how charging people the full price of water may encourage better conservation efforts. 

Sen. Barbara Boxer called for the West to set aside legal fights over water and adapt to drier times by moving more quickly to expand water recycling and adopt new water-saving technologies.

Speaking during a symposium on drought and water scarcity on Thursday, Boxer announced that she is preparing new legislation that would provide incentives for efficiency and conservation, promote drought preparedness and provide financing for wastewater recycling and other projects.


Buzz Thompson, director of Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, suggested that in order to move toward a more sustainable water system, California needs to diversify its water supplies, adopt new technologies to improve water efficiency and turn to more water recycling.

Thompson noted that about 14 percent of the state’s wastewater is being recycled and reused. He drew applause when he suggested that decisions about land use planning and development should be based on how much water is available.

Thompson, an expert in water law and water policy, also suggested that water rates can send a strong signal to encourage conservation.

"We need to charge people the full cost of their water," Thompson said.