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Several Schools Adjust Their Curriculums

Publication Date: 
September 10, 2007
The National Law Journal
Tresa Baldas

Dean Larry Kramer is quoted about Stanford Law School 's curricular reform in The National Law Journal:

"We are concentrating our energies on the second and third years, where we know we are failing the students," said Stanford Law School Dean Larry Kramer. "It seems to us a mistake to fix the one part that's not really broken. The first year does a great job teaching students the core skill of thinking like a lawyer."

Currently, Stanford is in the process of rolling out joint-degree programs and 12 cross-disciplinary courses, allowing law students to pursue joint degrees and take classes outside the law school.

Stanford also is working to create more multidisciplinary, team-oriented, problem-solving courses, such as a new expert witness course launched this year with students from the sciences, or the new clinical course that combines law students with medical students to address patients' full needs in both domains.

Kramer believes that law schools need to focus their curriculums on areas where they are failing students, such as critical lawyering skills, problem-solving skills, how to think like clients and understand what they do as well as the law that regulates it, how to work in teams, and "how to take the concepts and methods we teach in classes and use them in a messy real world context."