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Software System’s Fans Gather To Talk Code

Publication Date: 
March 02, 2009
The New York Times
Colin Moynihan

Residential Fellow Chris Ridder is quoted in The New York Times in a story about a conference to highlight the open source management system Drupal:

Drupal is free software used to run Web sites, and participants at the event said they were drawn there, despite differences in backgrounds and ideologies, by a belief in an almost utopian form of technological cooperation.


Many of those initial users turned to Drupal to avoid licensing fees charged by companies like Microsoft. But other users liked Drupal because they were free to change it themselves by writing new code, or because they were drawn to the sense of community formed when users began to communicate with one another about how to resolve technical snags and how to shape the software’s future.


Chris Ridder, a residential fellow at the Center for the Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, said that there was an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of free and open-source software, but added that such software has recently become more widely used, in part because of its flexibility.