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Stanford Conference To Explore Prisons, Race

Publication Date: 
April 09, 2007
Palo Alto Daily News
Banks Albach

A Conference organized by the Stanford Criminal Justice Center is the subject of this story. The main focal point is going to address unequal sentencing that primarily affects African Americans. Banks Albach quotes Kara Dansky, Executive Director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center and Lecturer in Law, who explains:

... Wednesday's event will explore the factors causing these skewed incarceration numbers -- factors that impact many young minorities starting at birth, the center's director Kara Dansky said.

The majority of the 13 professors slated to speak work in the field of sociology, meaning panels will focus mostly on issues like drug addiction, crime and policing patterns, and education, rather than the legal process, Dansky said.

"It's very easy to say that this is a natural consequence of racism in American history," Dansky said. "But that doesn't answer all the questions. It's not as simple as a sentencing system."