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Stanford, Harvard, Yale: A Sample Voters' Guide For This Fall's U.S. News Survey

Publication Date: 
July 17, 2008
Jason Solomon

Dean Larry Kramer is referenced in a PrawfsBlawg posting:

The jury still out on whether Dean Larry Kramer's vision of a "3-D" curriculum where students work in interdisciplinary teams will have anything more than an isolated effect (interesting class here and there). But if done to sufficient scale, it seems like a promising approach. Unlike Harvard, which revamped its first-year curriculum, Kramer's view has been that the first year is fine; it is the upper-level that is the problem. Though this view certainly has merit, employers now know that when they get a Harvard student, that student will have had some exposure to dealing with statutes and regulations, as well as international legal materials -- not necessarily the case at Stanford, though students can take such courses as electives in the first year.