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Stanford Law [Hosts Opinions from] China's Top Court

Publication Date: 
January 10, 2012
Thomson Reuters News & Insight

Among the areas of the law that Summary Judgments confesses to knowing absolutely nothing about, the workings of China's Supreme Court is way up there. Until now. Stanford Law School announced on Monday that it is launching a website of the "guiding cases" issued by China's Supreme People's Court. While these cases aren't precedential in the Western common law sense, they are, subject to a November 2010 Chinese rule, to be referred to with guidance by courts throughout the country. In other words, China's legal system is evolving before our very eyes, and Stanford's new website, which lists the first of these four opinions, is there to capture that evolution. All opinions will be translated into English to facilitate an "ongoing dialogue" about the development of Chinese law. Lawyers, professors and other interested parties will be invited to comment on the implications of the cases.