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Stanford Law Professor Will Crusade Against Corruption

Publication Date: 
March 21, 2008
Daily Journal
Lawrence Hurley

The Daily Journal reports that Professor Lawrence Lessig launched his Change Congress movement, which focuses on using the Internet to increase transparency in politics:

The aim of his Change Congress movement is to "leverage and amplify" the work being done by other watchdog groups, he said at Thursday's launch.

Voters and candidates can also pledge to support the group's core principals.


Lessig is hoping that the Web site will harness grass roots support that will put pressure on candidates to take the pledge.

He explained that it was in part his frustration with the way Congress has failed to tackle reforms to copyright law that persuaded him that the system is broken.

What Lessig described as "easy" policy decisions are delayed indefinitely because lawmakers are afraid to oppose the moneyed interests that help finance their campaigns, he argued. Members of Congress - even if they are "personally honest" - are "institutionally corrupt," Lessig said.

He admitted at the launch that the project is still at an early stage, particularly in terms of attracting bipartisan support among the political elite in Washington.