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State Sentencing Bill Advances

Publication Date: 
April 11, 2007
Sacramento Bee
Andy Furillo

California Senate Bill 110 would put sentencing policy in the hands of a newly created commission. The bill recently passed its first committee hearing and will move on to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Some enforcement agencies have publicly opposed the bill on the grounds that it reassigns sentencing authority from the legislature to a panel of commissioners who would be appointed by the legislature, the governor, and the state judiciary. Some opposition is based also on the belief that California's "three-strikes law" could be affected. In this context reporter Andy Furillo quotes Kara Dansky, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Center:

Kara Dansky, the executive director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center and an adviser to Romero on her sentencing commission proposal, said that discussion of the three-strikes law raises "a constitutional issue that still needs to be looked at."

Dansky added that "nobody's talking about three strikes" in the ongoing discussion of a California sentencing commission, "so it's a non-starter."