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Supreme Court Ruling Gives Small Number Of Wealthy Donors New Ways To Drive Campaigns

Publication Date: 
April 02, 2014
The Washington Post - Politics
Matea Gold

Professor Nathaniel Persily comments on a Supreme Court ruling that eliminated caps on individual donations to political campaigns for The Washington Post. 

An elite class of wealthy donors who have gained mounting influence in campaigns now has the ability to exert even greater sway.

A Supreme Court decision Wednesday to do away with an overall limit on how much individuals can give candidates and political parties opens a new spigot for money to flow into ­campaigns already buffeted by huge spending from independent groups.


“The decision should be celebrated by all of us who worry about the polarizing effect of money on politics,” Nathaniel Persily, a professor of constitutional law at Stanford University, wrote in an analysis of the case. “A world in which individuals can give limited amounts of disclosed money to a lot of politicians is certainly preferable to one in which large chunks are only given to Super PACs and other unaccountable outside groups.”