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Supreme Court To Address Limits Of Gun Control

Publication Date: 
March 01, 2010
CNN Justice
Bill Mears

Lecturer Thomas Goldstein, founder of SCOTUSblog, is quoted on state and local regulation of second amendment rights. Bill Mears of CNN reports:

Otis McDonald and Diane Latiker share much in common as residents of Chicago's South Side. Longtime community activists, they both have seen the good and bad their neighborhoods have to offer.

They are each fighting for change, especially to stem the growing murder rates among African-American and Hispanic youths, who are dying at the hands of one another.

Their solutions to the problem put them at odds, however; and their struggles -- part of larger crisis striking cities nationwide -- will be the backdrop for one of the biggest cases to come before the Supreme Court in years.

At issue is one the justices have been timid over the decades at confronting: Just how far does the Second Amendment give citizens the right to protect themselves?


"The Supreme Court has told us one of two important things, and that is that there is an individual right to bear arms. Now we are poised to find out whether that applies to state and local regulation," said Thomas Goldstein, a prominent Washington appellate attorney and co-founder of "That's really where the rubber hits the road, because there are all kinds of state rules about when you can have and carry a gun."