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Tart Reform! Facing Heat, Legal Ladies And Laddies Stay Buttoned

Publication Date: 
July 22, 2008
The New York Observer
David Lat

Professor Michele Landis Dauber is quoted in a New York Observer article that describes how the current summer associate job situation affects law students' behavior:

Michele Landis Dauber, a professor of law and sociology at Stanford Law School, sees a socioeconomic factor at play as well. “Remember that lawyers, even those from top 10 schools, are not the children of the elite,” she said. “They are the children of the professional and middle classes. Elite children go to business school, not law school. [Law students] are seeing their parents’ homes lose value, perhaps their parents or other relatives lose their jobs or see their pension funds shrinking. … In that environment, I think ‘head down’ is the proper position, and they seem to be assuming it.”