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The 2010 Lateral Report: Economy Model

Publication Date: 
February 02, 2010
The American Lawyer
Claire Zillman,

Professor Mark Lemley is mentioned in The AmLaw Daily with former UC Berkeley classmates Daralyn Durie, Michael Page, and Ragesh Tangri who founded the IP boutique law firm, Durie Tangri:

Daralyn Durie, Mark Lemley, Michael Page, and Ragesh Tangri started kicking the idea around almost 20 years ago, when all four were students at UC Berkeley School of Law. They’d start their own law firm together, someday.

After graduation, the four went their separate ways--clerkships, big-firm jobs--before reuniting at San Francisco's Keker & Van Nest. Durie, Tangri, and Page became partners there; Lemley, an intellectual property professor at Stanford Law School, was of counsel; and all of them helped build one of the country's most potent IP litigation groups, with clients like Genentech, Inc., Google Inc., and Comcast Corporation. But the idea of starting their own firm never faded.

Then came the recession of 2008. "We decided that if we were gonna do it, we were gonna do it now," says Durie, 42. "We were at a point in our careers where we had the confidence to do it and were young enough to have the energy to pull it off. We became beneficiaries of the downturn." On February 1, 2009, the four Berkeley classmates, joined by two other former Keker partners, swung open the doors of their own IP boutique, Durie Tangri.