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The 50 Most Powerful People In D.C.

Publication Date: 
November 01, 2009
GQ Magazine
Robert Draper, Sarah Goldstein, Wil S. Hylton, Mark Kirby, Raha Naddaf, Tory Newmyer, and Greg Veis

Thomas Goldstein, Lecturer in Law and founder of SCOTUSblog, is listed as one of the fifty most powerful people in Washington D.C.:

In the year since we elected our new decider in chief, a lot of things in Washington have changed. Pelosi and Reid are trying to wield their majorities, Tom DeLay is on Dancing with the Stars, and Rahm took over the world. A whole new power structure has emerged. So in order to navigate it, we polled journalists, congressmen, lobbyists, think tankers, and influence peddlers and came up with our biennial list of the men and women who truly have clout—in a city where a lot of people think they do.


45. Tom Goldstein

Founder of SCOTUSblog

In the six years since Goldstein started posting about the Supreme Court from home, his site has gained dozens of contributors and gets up to 300,000 hits a day when opinions are announced. Going on his hunch last summer that Sotomayor would be the next pick, Goldstein was able to roll out analysis of her major opinions within days of the announcement, making him the most sought-after commentator on the nominee. "I feel indebted to him," says Linda Greenhouse, former SCOTUS correspondent for the Times. "No one else is doing what he's doing." And with rumors swirling about Justice Stevens leaving, the White House will probably be tapping him for advice—as they did when Souter stepped down—soon.