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The Days & Nights Of Diversity In the Legal Profession

Publication Date: 
October 29, 2007
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Peter Lattman

Building a Better Legal Profession, an organization co-founded by Stanford Law School students Andrew Bruck and Andrew Canter, was featured in a number of news stories about diversity in U.S. law firms. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog offers this roundup:

A couple of stories on diversity in the legal profession caught our eye. In today’s Times, Adam Liptak’s column looks at the "diversity report cards" delivered to Big Law by the Stanford Law-led group Building a Better Legal Profession. "Firms that want the best students will be forced to respond to the market pressures that we’re creating," Andrew Bruck, a Stanford Law student, told the Times. (See Law Blog posting)


In a related story, the AP spotlights the lack of diversity among star Supreme Court advocates. Sherman notes that it’s been more than a year since a black lawyer in private practice has argued before the Supremes.