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The Elephant In The Room

Publication Date: 
July 29, 2008
Cal Law - Legal Pad blog
Dan Levine

Kathleen M. Sullivan spoke about the power of the president during the the 2008 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. Legal Pad's Dan Levine reports:

...Former Stanford Law School dean Kathleen Sullivan argued against the current president's broad interpretation of the office's inherent authority.


By far Sullivan received the warmest applause for her thoughts on whether the president has the authority to wiretap without a warrant. "I'm channeling James Madison here: No!"


...Oregon's federal public defender Steven Wax asked whether the architects of the Bush administration's torture policy should be prosecuted by the next administration.

The victims of unconstitutional policies should be compensated, Sullivan answered, like those Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II. However, the dean acknowledged that compensation came quite late, and in the torture context, wouldn't exactly benefit those who were killed.