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The Hazards Of Being Beautiful And Daring To Say So In Print

Publication Date: 
April 09, 2012
The Australian
Kate Spicer

Professor Deborah Rhode is mentioned in the following article by Kate Spicer of the Australian on the beauty bias, a term that she coined in her 2011 book on the subject.

SHE has been called deluded, narcissistic, smug and plain wrong. And that's just the nice stuff.

What you cannot call Samantha Brick, who last week declared that her luminous beauty made other women hate her, is overlooked.

Since she revealed the plight of being too gorgeous for her own good in a newspaper article last week, she has caused a Twitter storm and a Facebook frenzy, with thousands commenting online on her looks and opinion.


Some Americans are starting to take the advantages given to the beautiful so seriously that the politics of appearance -- lookism -- is being compared to sexism and racism. One exponent of protecting the rights of the unattractive is Deborah Rhode, professor of law at Stanford University.

Her 2010 book, The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law, imagines a future in which the ugly can fight for equality with the pretty people.