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The Short List For U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Publication Date: 
October 19, 2008
Business Week
Tom Lowry

Business Week quotes Professor Lawrence Lessig in an article that short-lists several Chief Technology Officers who might serve under Barack Obama. Lessig comments on how he envisions an interaction between the CTO and the FCC:

One who does not foresee conflict between a CTO and the FCC, whose charge is mostly regulatory, is Lawrence Lessig, a noted scholar on law in the digital age and the founder of Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society. Lessig says he sees the positions as "orthogonal"—or perpendicular—to one another. "That said, I do think the CTO could be a critically important position, from deciding how to make government more efficient and transparent through technology, to helping advance public policy questions like those surrounding global warming." Lessig, who would certainly be considered a candidate for the job of CTO, says he has not been approached by anyone on Obama's staff and adds that he would not be interested.