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The YouTube Confirmation

Publication Date: 
May 08, 2009
Dahlia Lithwick

Profefssor and former Dean Kathleen M. Sullivan and Professor Pamela S. Karlan are mentioned in a Slate article by alumna Dahlia Lithwick '95 about how much interesting information can be obtained on YouTube about a potential nominee for the Supreme Court. Lithwick says:

This clip of Kathleen Sullivan, the former dean of Stanford Law School, illustrates why so many of her students (myself included) find her to be the sharpest, clearest constitutional thinker around. She is brave and funny and makes using the law to protect minorities sound appealing for a change. Also, she looks good in a lei. The same can be said of Sullivan's Stanford colleague Pamela Karlan. This video shows her calling a spade a spade when it comes to the Supreme Court's evidence-free abortion jurisprudence. It may not be the kind of video that wins over any hearts and minds on the GOP side of the judiciary committee. But clearly Karlan and Sullivan are comfortable enough to say what they mean and smart enough to make you think harder.