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Third edition of the Journal of Legal Analysis now available online

Publication Date: 
June 10, 2010
Harvard Law School News

Professors Richard Craswell and Alan Sykes are mentioned by Harvard Law School News for their respective articles, which are included in the third edition of the Journal of Legal Analysis:

The third edition of the Journal of Legal Analysis has been published online.

The broad-focused, faculty-edited journal was launched by Harvard Law School Professors J. Mark Ramseyer ’82 and Steven Shavell, in February 2009 with an open access format to provide first-rate scholarship to the widest possible audience. Created in partnership with Harvard University Press and the John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business, the publication is available free online.


Other articles in this edition are: “The Decision to Award Punitive Damages: An Empirical Study by Theodore Eisenberg, Michael Heise, Nicole L. Waters, and Martin T. Wells, “The Meaning of Contractual Silence: A Field Experiment” by Yair Listokin, “Process as Purpose: Costly Screens, Value Asymmetries, and Examination at the Patent Office” by Jonathan S. Masur ’03, “The Questionable Case for Subsidies Regulation: A Comparative Perspective” by Alan O. Sykes and “Why the Google Books Settlement is Procompetitive” by Einer Elhauge ’86.

In addition to Shavell, who is director of the Olin Center at HLS, the co-editors are Richard Craswell of Stanford Law School; Mathew McCubbins of the University of California at San Diego; and Daniel Rubinfeld of the University of California, Berkeley. Scholars from various fields have signed on to be members of the 20-member editorial board, including HLS Professors Louis Kaplow ’81, Kathryn Spier, Cass Sunstein ’78 and Adrian Vermeule.